Ambrina corporation is selling herbal products and herbal dietary supplements from decades inside country and to overseas.

All our products are 100% pure, natural and are prepared with the essence of most precious Himalayan natural herbs processed under Ayurvedic discipline.

Ambrina corporation means absolute commitment to quality. Our global sources and larger inventory of on-site tested materials and functional ingredients enable us to deliver the natural supplements without worry of product quality issues.

Our Values

  • Service to all
  • Total integrity
  • Absolute commitment to quality

Top Sellers

For a list of products, available online, visit our prices page. A few of our best selling items re given below;

Ambrina Herbal Pills


Ambrina is a herbal dietry supplement pill, which helps in stimulating and vitalizing male power. It is a all natural,herbal male enhancement daily supplement pill which helps to achieve increased libido and stronger erections.
The herbs included in formula of this supplement, helps to increase male stamina, power and vitility. It is available in brown colour pills and also in form of capsules.

Ambrina is our jewel of crown. In last 12 years about one million people have used this supplement pill and they are fully satisfied with its results.

TimInc Herbal Capsules


Nino-Ds (also known as Timinc Capsules) is a herbal dietary supplement which is prepared with more highly effective herbs than ninopills. It can help a male for longlasting. It must be taken regularly to get the help.

Vigour-P Herbal Capsules


Vigour-P is a herbal dietry supplement pill. It is formulated with herbs used from hundreds of years for boost in male power, male sexual stamina and libido.

It has same properties as ambrina herbal pills, but herbs included in this supplement helps more better for permanent results. It includes Musli, which may help a male in more better ways.

Alki Supplement Capsules


Alki is a natural supplement formula. It is a fine formula of selected herbs.

This supplement helps in constipation and increasing bowl movements.
Alki is now avaiable in capsules only.

Money Back Guarantee

The effects of different dietry and herbal supplements may vary for different users. Nothing can be guaranteed. However, for our online buyer's satisfaction, we offer a money back guarantee. We ship all natural products with a 90 days money back guarantee. If you or your health care advisor are not satisfied with the product, simply return us the remaining supplement or empty bottle. We will refund the price of supplement. No question is asked. In such a case, we will not refund the shipping charges.

From FEB 015, 2014, discount on larger orders is not calculated automatically. However, the buyers can use following discount coupons on checkout;
Enter The Code -- SPECIAL300 -- To Get 15% Discount.
Enter The Code -- SPECIAL400 -- To Get 20% Discount.
(If A Discount Coupon Is Not Used)
On each order, The shipping charges are calculated as per schedule given below;
FOR Australia, U.K, USA and other major countries:
USD 4.00 + 5% of the products value.
For Canada, India, Israel, South Africa and some other countries:
USD 16.00 + 3% of the products value.
Inside Pakistan:
No shipping charges. If an order is placed online (with option of 'other countries') Shipping charges will be added back in buyers credit card.


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